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esides creating websites, making perfection out of already existing ones, and advancing your business through quality marketing on social networks, we had an awesome idea!

Together, with good teamwork, we brought it into reality. As a direct product of our software company, the business-accounting program AKTIV has created.

Knowing the market, it was not difficult to notice the accounter’s needs for novelties in their way of doing business. Often people underestimate the value of them thinking that keeping paperwork is the only task and that it is not particularly demanding and difficult. However, the inability of small businesses and entrepreneurs to hire different experts in different fields has led to their job description going far beyond bookkeeping. 

Over time, the accounter also becomes the main counselor of the businessman and a person of trust that performs personnel tasks, calculations of taxes, and contributions. If we take into account the fact that the tax system is extremely complex and that the penalties for non-compliance the laws are very high, we understand how responsible the task of an accountant is.

Seemingly not so easy, the job of an accountant can be very stimulating. Often these are people who have an exceptional ability to solve complex problems and imagination for finding adequate ways to bring order to the economy of the company itself.

The process of choosing an accountant is crucial for the future of every entrepreneur and his business. If you believe that the business will grow, you make plans and you are sure of their realization, then it is best to hire one but the hard-working person who will raise the bookkeeping in the company to the highest possible level.

AKTIV software has just become the solution to this problem and the perfect accountant: meticulous and regular with the ideal ability to track the type and character of all transactions that are performed. We have created an opportunity for you to see the course of your business in the right way. We are born out of cooperation, expertise, new ideas, hard work, and a firm determination to maintain that high standard.

We have used the greatest power nowadays, and that is automatization, to deliver our clients, companies, and agencies a stable financial base. In cooperation with us, you strive for the perfect goal: low costs, high profit.

If you seem to be wasting a lot of time on administration or want to expand your business and bring in novelties, we are here for you. Mutual and open communication is extremely important to us because, with your suggestions and needs, we improve and thus provide a better service.

Let’s grow together