Sometimes it’s a lot easier to write a blog out of 1000 words than to write perfect content for your short marketing advertisements. Scrolling your social media can be everlasting but what about your attention for everything you see? From approximately ten advertisements for various products, how many of them do you actually read? Now, do you wonder what it takes to make a perfect content that would be attractive enough for your audience, potential clients, and consumers to stop scrolling? It is not that easy how it seems.

Our human brain, even though it is complex and works fast, must filtrate information to stay sane. That means it doesn’t process everything that eye catches. Using selective attention, the brain directs our awareness only to relevant stimuli while ignoring irrelevant stimuli in the environment. This is an important process because we see only what is important to us. That means your advertising needs to be important enough too.

We will propose to you some practical steps to the perfect content for digital marketing to reduce unnecessary stress and wasting the time.

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First of all, do not expect to write something worth reading in a day. It takes a lot of inspiration, focus, and thinking. Be in a hurry only if you must but mostly that kind of pace require years and years of experience. Good for you if you can, but do not blame yourself if you have Writer’s block. It happens to everyone, even to the best. So take some time, sit and relax, prepare to be ready when new ideas take the lead. Nothing good comes easy. 


Imagine your ideal customer, in other words, with the clear needs to buy your product. Write down a couple of questions that bother your customers. Every advertisement needs only 3 to 4 sentences, but effective ones. So, it needs to be short and explosive. Remember, the goal is the transform a view into the buying process. Demanding criteria. These are the main guidelines:

  • The first sentence needs to provoke the main needs of your customer (for example, you can ask the question, anticipate their main problem),
  • Continue with enforcing interests in the form of giving solutions (what they expect from your product), 
  • Finish with proposing a concrete action (what is the next step, visit a site, subscribe…).


Brainstorming is a creativity technique used in groups but can be used individually as well. The main goal of it is an effort to find a conclusion for specific problems by gathering ideas spontaneously contributed. In this context, it would mean that you take a pencil and paper, or open the blank document on the screen, and write everything that comes to your mind, literally. We have a lot of capacity that we sometimes become unaware of it. Don’t underestimate its value and use the maximum potential. You’ll be surprised by the length of the list.


Great, you have created a million different versions, but what now? Think. Observe. Decide. Take the list with questions that are linked to potential clients’ needs. Do they match? Did you give answers to those questions? Choose the most similar ones. Select some and click Bold. Those are highlights of your current work. Good job! If it’s not the case try again but most importantly: nothing goes to trash. Next time when you stuck again, just come back to this, and out of nothing you will make a bunch of new content. Advertisement or even new blog. Everything counts. 

As a final touch, try your content to sound joyful and friendly besides its informative. You keep people’s attention by awaking good feelings.

Let’s make noticeable ads!