You probably assumed that IT companies have the same principles as any other workplace. Amazingly, we have a chance to introduce your advantages and what makes us good enough to stand out from others.

We have listed 5 reasons why being part of us can be a great experience:

When you work, work hard but always find time to relax

The first surprising thing is the dartboard in our office. We believe that working hard requires relaxing hard. We say: everything that is done quickly is rarely with the best quality. We nurture our ideas and let them grow. Finding inspiration together, through conversation, gives us motivation for bigger steps in our company which means better solutions for our client’s problems.

The basic human need for love and belonging implies friendship, family, and a sense of connection. If you are our co-worker or a client you are part of the family and a bigger family means synchronicity.

Your opinion matters

At Virtev, we welcome every opinion, respect different aspects of perceiving the problem, and believe that if we have the diversity we have magic. Thus, from web developer through copywriter to graphic designer we are all various kinds of personalities, authentic yet so similar because we act as a team.

This is why we know how to approach to our clients and their needs. We ask them what is on their mind, what they want to do or change. We listen, observe, think, and bring solutions. Our goal is the satisfaction of both, theirs and ours.

It is not bad if you don’t know

Every good employee starts from scratch and instead of lack of experience we see the big capacity for learning and improvement. Tabula rasa is a big field for exploration and creation. IT company is a big world and we are happy to be part of that universe.

Not only it is not bad if you don’t know- it is awesome! We enjoy the sense of excitement that more we will explore throughout our journey in and out of office. Striving to perfection can be exhausting so instead, we strive to knowledge!

You can ask dumb questions and not feel bad about it

For us, the dialogue is both, a kind of conversation and a way of relating. It is a process in which participants may say or hear something they never said or heard before. There is our spark! We appreciate what the other side is saying, so “dumb” questions can only be directions in the right way. There is no criticism, only a critical way of thinking and there is no critic but a suggestion.

Our power is explanation and understanding and we believe we can get to another level of branding. People are the key and only if we unite our strengths we can build an empire.

Everyone is relaxed and environment is stress-free

When it comes to the word “job”, for someone’s first association can be burnout. It is a special type of work-related stress, a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.

Virtev people don’t have this syndrome. We find ourselves enjoying and often we can’t wait to come back to the office. It might sound strange but It’s true. It is possible to be happy at your workplace. We multiply that happiness, and it feels like kiddo that always gets his candy when it deserves it. We play, we have fun and we are on a good way to become your long term project partner.

When we invest in ourselves, at the same time we invest in our future colleagues and clients.