Have you ever had a moment when you look at your old photo and you can’t recognize the person at it, but in a good way? You see in your eyes old personal battles and feel proud because you conquered them, but back then you didn’t believe enough you can do that..right?

I am sure the feeling is awesome and do you know why? Because you have changed, you grew, you are a different and better version of yourself. It shouldn’t be scary- it is blissful!

In a previous blog, we discovered why leaders are afraid of change and now we explored the good sides of it, in the IT companies as well as in other businesses. Striving for it every day, often unconsciously, forgetting the importance of that aspect in our lives, we are here to remind you and with high hope to inspire you.

Change is growth

Change is in our human core. From embryo to grown-up, everything has a predisposition to evolve. The definition of intelligence itself is an adaptation which means change based on circumstances. We are born to become something different than what we were before.

If we apply this principle to the business, we can expect excellent content writers out of long term freelance writers, from web developers to modern high-quality sites but… there is no gain without pain.

Change means problems are inevitable

If there are no high mountains you would never learn how to climb. You need problems to learn how to solve them. The more problems you have the more you are capable of solving faster. It is a capability you develop through life. You start perceiving obstacles like an opportunity.

Companies that stagnate they die. Those who slow down never succeed but become extinct. I’m sure your ideas for business didn’t show up to fade away but to develop into something greater. If you want to solve puzzles you must also change your approach.

Your company will distinguish

One of the newest Nike’s dreams come true is The Adapt BB. The BB stands for “basketball” and with it, the company wants to fundamentally change footwear and, of course, sell more shoes.

Imagine: your feet swell during a basketball game and sneakers detect your blood pressure. Instead of reaching down and untying your laces, the shoes loosen automatically. Never again will you have to fuss around with your laces because, guess what, your shoes already know what you want to do. The Adapt BB is a big bet for Nike, but the company seems confident that customers will get on board with whatever they sell.

We can’t compare to Nike but we want to point out the constant change they make. It’s a long hard work to launch such an original product. Nike is one of the world’s most valuable brands and it wouldn’t be on the top without adjustment to customer’s needs. We should look up to big companies if we want to become one of them.

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It will inspire you to be better

I think we can all agree that getting better daily, not just in the workplace but in every aspect of life, is basic. The ability to face up changes without frustration but with excitement makes a special kind of driving energy.

Learning to go with the flow gives you the potential to only bend but not to break under the pressure. There will always be pressure but also, there will always be another chance to become stronger, to withstand it. Like some say: it’s not about what is happening to you but how you react to it. Let it inspire you. People like the ones who always go further than what is expected.

Focus on positive outcome

There is one case-study where a hundred men, with severe heart disease, were promised surgery but with one condition: if they change their behavior. They had to change life-style at least for one year by adding some daily activities like meditation, yoga, and a strict diet. Also, maybe the hardest one, talking to someone about ups and downs during the challenge.

Do you wonder how many of them stick to the program? All of them! Do you know why? Because they know what they can get beyond that big change. It was their thought that kept them dynamic and active.


It is important to have a positive mindset but it’s crucial to be realistic. Not everyone succeeds, so knowing ahead what kind of outcome can be, gives you a clear vision. Of course, you can not visualize every step but detailed long term plans and strategies prevent possible barriers. Think about the issues your business may face in four or five years and plan accordingly, so it doesn’t stumble down the road.

On the other hand, if you see something you can not bear, maybe it’s better not to start at all. That wouldn’t mean you give up but maybe you aren’t ready yet. Not every company has the same capacity to handle changes. So, give yourself some space. You will eventually know when it’s the right time.